UK Lighting Designer Family Tree

by Light Collective



family tree  

Light Collective think it’s important to always remember your roots. The UK lighting industry is an entangled and complex mesh of entwined practices and people which is one of the things that makes it great. We realised that Light Collective is the bastard love child of Andre Tammes and Miles Pinniger, two of the pioneers of the UK lighting industry, with a good chunk of foster care from LightMatters and BDP thrown in along the way. This spurred us on back in 2011 to try and create a family tree depicting the UK lighting industry. People complained that we had made mistakes or they weren’t included and the lighting industry has moved on so it seemed time for an update.

The 2011 Family Tree had 82 designers, in 2014 there are 253. The 2011 Tree had 47 companies, 2014 has 142. We learnt a lot about the new companies that now exist and show that the UK lighting industry is going from strength to strength.
The gender division across the tree is 70% male and 30% female which either means that we have a long way to go toward equality or the girls were too busy working hard to write to us!


8% of company names start with the word ‘light’ and 57% use the word ‘light’ or ‘lighting’ in the name, with the remainder using a variety of other light related words.It could have been a serious piece of research......but its just for fun.


Let us know if you spot a mistake or see where we have our facts wrong or incomplete - email


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